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TENKEEP is pleased to introduce itself as a Life Support Service provider. Our services started by the founders as single project  in Buzurgan Oilfield even before the establishment of the company and is sustaining life in several other areas around the country.  TENKEEP is powered by perseverance, dedication, and commitment to serve.  With our Headquarters in Iraq,  TENKEEP excels by providing turn-key solutions with international standards, successful plans for the allocation of resources, quick mobilization and speed in the designing, building, and installing infrastructures, 24/7 backup & emergency services, in addition to operational maintenance & support. TENKEEP  has a service line that is specialized in Camp Management, Catering, Housekeeping, Laundry, Sanitorial, Pest Control and trash removal Services.  The business sectors we offer services are, but not limited to, Land Rigs, Production Units in remote locations, Oil and Gas Pipeline Projects, Construction Sites, etc. 


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