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TENKEEP Trade and General Contracting is a registered company in the Republic of Iraq and is based in Baghdad, with branches in all provinces. TENKEEP senior engineers have worked with and were the consultants of several international companies including Shell, BP, NOVOMET, ENI, Halliburton, Oilserv, Turkish Petroleum, Blackpearl Project management, Safil Sondaj Hezmatlari and many others. Our senior engineering team brings a combined total of over 50 years of experience working in the civil engineering, water plants, sanitary systems, infrastructure rehabilitation and constructions and oilfields. The management team have extensive experience in executing our services.


Our Core Services include:


  • Water desalination/purification plant rehabilitation and construction.
  • Water pipeline construction.
  • Infrastructure rehabilitation and construction, including schools, housing units and bridges, etc.. 
  • Oilfield civil works and site preparations. 
  • Logistics and material delivery, waste disposal and heavy machinery rental.
  • Life support. 



| Official Description of the Company


Contribution of investment of capitals in the field of general trade and practicing all trade works of importing, exporting and bartering of goods and materials according to the law of commerce No. 30 of 1984, with considering of the decisions and instructions issued under it. Investment in the field of general contracting in the construction, maintenance and demolition of buildings of all kinds. Investment in the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, airports, dams, reservoirs, irrigation and drainage projects, ports, water and sewage works and associated mechanical and electrical works. Investment in the installation of power generation, pumping stations, electrical installations, telecommunications, air conditioning works, installation and maintenance  of  refineries, rigs, metal structures and all works within this field.

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